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About Me


My name is Kerrie and I am a Shamanic Practitioner. I am also a registered counsellor/play therapist with the British association of counselling and psycotherapists.  I have worked with clients for the past 13 years. I work with children, young people and adults. My own healing and experiences gave birth to my passion to help others. The training I have undertook as a Shamanic Practitioner has took me to study with Simon Buxton, Chetna Lawless and more recently I have been undertaking teacher training with Sandra Ingerman. I am 

also part of a shamanic alliance.



How I got started?


As a child I always felt very sensitive and aware of the energies of other people and places. I would feel and experience a lot of energy, visions and out of body experiences which I didn’t understand at the time. This caused me to feel a lot of fear as often we fear things we do not understand or do not fit into a left brain view of logic.


These experiences continued into my adulthood and other people’s pain weighed heavy on my heart. I went through a painful time of depression in my adolescence where I questioned everything. This took me into a healing path and introspection on life and this took me on the quest of finding some peace within. I worked with healers of body, mind and spirit and these experiences spoke a language to me I had yearned for. As I got older and worked as a practitioner I have been able to offer the kindnesses and compassion that were gifted to me.

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