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Ethics and Guidelines 


In my work as a BACP registered counsellor and play therapist, I adhere to a framework that adheres to ethical responsibility to my clients, to myself and to the profession. My Shamanic work follows a similar framework which creates an ethical foundation to work within.


Trustworthy: Honoring the client trust in you as a practitioner and acting in a way that is transparent, clear and not misleading.

Autonomy: Respect for the client’s right to be self-governing. To always ask and gain permission of clients and spirit guides. To honour the clients autonomy.

Beneficence: a commitment to promoting the client’s well-being and offering compassion, respect, empathy and support.

Non-maleficence and Safety: a commitment to avoiding harm to the client providing a safe space where healing can happen

Confidentiality: To provide confidentiality to clients within legal/ethical limits.

Fairness, Inclusivity and Justice: the fair and impartial treatment of all clients and the provision of adequate services

Self-respect: fostering the practitioner’s self-knowledge and care for self

Awareness and Integrity: To continue to undertake continual professional development, undertake supervision from my support network and shamanic alliance. To remain open minded and open hearted.

Boundaries: To respect and maintain boundaries between practitioner and client that creates a safe, supportive and clear working relationship

Reputation: To respect Shamanism and the fact that different cultures and communities may practice different ways and to honour any cultures that have requested for certain ceremonies to not be performed.


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