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How do you Gaze upon yourself? 

How do you Gaze upon another?

How do you Gaze upon our Blessed Earth?

Do you Know and Recognise your Divinity?

Can you Gaze upon Life and Radiate

The Light reflected in your eyes……



Firstly welcome to my website and thank you for visiting here. I hope you find what you need whether it is due to a general interest in Shamanism, to enquire about healing, a workshop to attend, a place to stop and maybe soothe your soul or you just found your way here and not sure why?  


The pages are filled with pictures of people, places and many beautiful beings I have met from my journeys so far in life. I give gratitude and blessings to all the beings who have entered into my life in whatever form they have appeared to me whether as a family member, a friend, a passing acquaintance, a partner, a blessed pet or as the spirit in all things which is sometimes a whisper on the wind, a coincidence you can’t explain or a dream that gives you the message or the healing you have asked for. 


It is a very powerful and interesting time to live on this Earth with such a contrast of light and the absence of light. I feel many people are looking for answers and to find a peace within. Eventually we may start to look within and find that the answers are not outside of us but inside. Some answers may remain in the great mystery, and we may never know certain things, and some will be revealed if we remain open to possibilities..


I believe in the power of Love, Hope and  Grace. I called this Shamanic way of Life “Radiant Gaze”. I chose this as I have been shown over and over again through teachings the importance of our perspective and how we can look at someone or something with love or distain. The energy we send out has an effect and creates love or fear.  I remember one time asking my guides about the pain I see in the world and how can I be effective? They said to me that these people, animals and situations do not need your fear, pity and sadness. Act upon something if that’s what you need to do but do not send your fear or pain upon them they need you to see them in their light and this will help create a different outcome. This is your Mastery. 


We are always creating with our words, intentions and actions.  You only have to look into someone’s eyes to feel their intention. Have you ever had someone see the very best in you? How did this make you feel?  Radiant Gaze to me is about really honouring the inner light within whether you call this the god within, spirit within or universal power within. To work towards or to have a healthy love towards self then brings an inner light to your very being and this can beautifully permeates through to others and the world.  We are meant to shine for we are stars too.


With Love and Radiance





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