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Shamanic Healing:


I am curently based in Liverpool and the North West of England, but I also work in other countries and wherever i am drawn to go.


One to One

When you contact me for a healing the process starts. Firstly I will do a diagnostic journey to ascertain that I am the practitioner for you. I will then guide you on how you can start to prepare for your healing. It is important that you have an active role in your own healing. Preparation could mean I ask you to set an intention, spend more time in nature to asking for a healing dream before you go to bed. I will support you in this process and afterwards help you integrate any changes.


Soul Retrieval: returning Soul Essence and Energy which is our vital essence 

Extraction: removing unhelpful energy, this process helps to remove energy that does not belong and may be inhibiting you from thriving and feeling balanced

Power Retrieval:  A guardian animal may appear in your healing waiting to bring you power, strength and bring a unique gift/message to you. This is a beautiful supportive relationship for you to explore and work with after the healing. 

Compassionate Depossession: Helping suffering beings to move on.

Curse Unravelling: unbinding negativity, sometimes we carry curses towards ourselves from conditioning and negative self-talk.

Cost of initial session: £135 for up to 3 hours.

Concessions are available in certain circumstances.



Land and House Cleansing:  To bring harmony and healing to a home or to the land. Homes and land can hold stress and trauma within them. This price varies dependant on whether it is done remotely or in person. Sometimes I require an assistant and this depends upon the situation.


Remote Healing and Distant healing: varies from £70 upwards. You will be given a full report afterwards and supported with integration work.



Creative Therapy £50 - This is designed for those who initially do not wish to explore the Shamanic way and may want to explore themselves therapeutically to begin with.  This is a beautiful pre-treatment for those who wish to start on a path of healing but are not sure if Shamanism is for them.  I use clay, arts, sand trays, creative writing, Emotional Freedom Technique, visualisation, etc. 



Creative Integration £50 - I can help support you in your integration if you feel you need more face to face contact time with me after your treatment. I will always support clients after treatment, but this is designed for those who feel they need more contact in person. This may involve different ways of working such as using art, writing, movement, sand trays etc.

Soul Retrieval - £135
Distance Healing - £70
Creative Therapy - £50
Creative Integration - £50
Paypal Payments Coming Soon
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